NLTS (No Lift To Shift)

Clutch in Rev Limit (also called No Lift to Shift or NLTS) will only work with BOTH bit 2 and bit 4 Enabled in Periphery 1. Clutch in Rev Limit also requires a wire be hooked from one of the two clutch switches to pin 67 of the ECU. Instructions for this will be included later.

All this function does is change the rev limiter while the clutch is depressed AND when you have the throttle held to the floor. This function cuts fuel and spark thus making the RPMs drop without the need to lift off the throttle during gear changes.

Depending on which clutch switch you use, you may have to edit the NLTS Clutch Switch Selector value. I recommend people use the Cruise Control Power Kill switch instead of the Starter Switch as the function is enabled as soon as the clutch pedal is pushed down slightly. The cruise switch is also much much easier to get at under the dash. 😉


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