Supported Boost Control Solenoids

Since Chrome supports ECU driven boost control, I decided to beef up the hardware in the Clone2 ECU to support just about ANY boost control solenoid you can find WITHOUT resistors!

That’s right. Just about ANY! If it has not been tested, I will be happy to test it for you and add it to the list.

All Clone2 ECUs that ship now have the beefed up circuitry and support the following boost control solenoids:

  • Stock 2 Port BCS
  • GM 1997152 3 Port BCS
  • GM 214-474 3 Port BCS
  • MAC 12 vdc 5.4 w (Model 35A-AAA-DDBA-1BA) 3 Port BCS
  • MAC 12 vdc 4.2 w (Model 35A-AAA-DEEA-1BA) 3 Port BCS
  • Greddy Profec B-Spec 15900535 3 Port BCS

In the near future I will post the base maps for the GM 1997152 3 Port BCS to tune for about 1 BAR on 15G Turbos, DSM 450 CC injectors, and a 482 EVO Style MAF using side mount intercoolers!