CloneECU Open-Sourced!

Since I started this project back in 2010 life has become busier than ever. In 2013 I shut down the ordering on the website because I could not keep up with demand and I wanted more family time. Basically, I was burned out!

Since I “officially” shutdown production I have only made ECUs through certain private channels where the ECU was installed as part of a tuned upgrade. This helped immensely as I was not working a full time job making ECUs and harnesses. Since then I have been involved in several other off-shoot projects including POLARIS EMMs and Start/Stop Modules as well as some commercial products for various entities, all on top of my “day” job.

I decided some time ago to open-source the ECU project. At stake was the DMCA and the fact that some did not want me to release all the hardware data. With the DMCA, it used to be illegal to hack into your own ECU in order to make repairs and lawful modifications. Thankfully, that has not been an issue for several years, and I believe it will get renewed again in 2021!

That being said, I believe that there is no reason to closely guard the secrets behind the ECU. In the next several months I will slowly begin posting all of the hidden hardware secrets, some good and some bad. Additionally I will be posting a complete list of parts required in order to modify a non-3000GT ECU into a 3000GT ECU along with schematics and OEM PCB information.

As part of this open-source, I will begin to take limited orders for ECUs – but gone is the harness. These will all have adapter PCB’s. And the adapter PCB’s will be offered separately for sale.

Stay tuned as I compile and release all the data!