How to Install

Inside is a folder with 3 files inside. One is the Chromed ROM (.bin file), one is the definition file for the ROM (.xml file) and the other is the definition file for EVOScan. All 3 are tied together and are meant to be used in conjunction with each other. You’ll find many of the features in these definition files won’t work with a stock ROM or previous versions of Chrome.

Extract the 23862006.XML fileto:
C:\***File Folder you installed EcuFlash***\EcuFlash\rommetadata\mitsubishi

The 23862006.bin is the ROM itself. This is the file you modify & flash to your ECU. Extract this anywhere you’d like. It doesn’t matter where you put it, what you name it or how many copies you make of it. It will always reference the 23862XX6.xml.

Finally, the Mitsubishi MUTIII 3000GT.xml file is the definition file to convert EVOScan to work with our cars. Extract this file into:
C:\Users\USER\Documents\EvoScan v2.9\DataSettings


Note: Sometimes there’s an issue with installing ECUFlash/EvoScan. Windows 7 and Vista have a feature called UAC. It makes a duplicate copy of your program files. This means when you try to install the EvoScan and EcuFlash .xmls, the changes won’t take effect, instead the duplicate .xml will be used

Try this! Uninstall EVOScan and ECUFlash and don’t reinstall them in C:\Program Files. Instead install to another directory created by you. For example C:\ECUPrograms\

After EVOScan is installed, you’ll need to install the 2.0 cable drivers. There are instructions on the EVOScan website for this.

Now open up ECUFlash and open the 23862006.bin. This file is a stock tune for a 99 VR4. If you’ve flash tuned your car before, you’ll need to copy your tables to the new “Chromed” ROM. Sorry. I can assist with this if needed. It’s a good idea to save this file under a different name. It’ll still be linked to the correct definition file no matter what you name it or however many copies you make of it.

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