Fan Control

The stock fan system is comprised of 2 indepenent fans. The driver side fan is referred too as the a/c fan and the large dual mode fan on the passenger side is the main fan. The Fan Control Temps table controls when the fans turn on and off under various conditions and when the main fan switches to full speed.

Unfortunately for the performance minded it seems as though Mitsubishi was more interested in reducing fan noise than outright cooling performance. The fans under stock control do not engage full speed until the coolant has already reached 212. The main thing to remember about these settings is to keep a gap of at least 8-10 degrees between the OFF and ON states of each fan or hysteresis may occur and the fans will be constantly turning on and off, reducing the life span of the fans and related components. It would be a good practice to lower each fan setting by an equal amount to maintain the factory gap between ON and OFF states.


Included in this section is also the Coolant Temp sensor scaling table (again, very large 161 element table) as well as the sensor fault value. If the sensor dies or becomes unplugged, the ECU will use the temperature value in this cell.

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