What is a 482 EVO Style MAF and why upgrade?

The “482″ EVO Style MAF is typically found only on newer Mitsubishi vehicles and flows almost identical to the “399″ EVO MAF, ~61lbs/min maximum.  This MAF has a pressure drop of ~.54 psi at 240 liters/second.

The “399″ EVO MAF is found on the 4G63 EVO VIII/IX engine.  It is the highest flowing MAF available, flowing a maximum of ~62lbs/min with a pressure drop of ~.526 psi at 240 liters/second.  The “399″ EVO MAF is pretty much identical to the “482″ EVO STYLE MAF in both size and airflow.

The “501″ Montero MAF  is only rated by Mitsubishi for 210 liters/second, and has ~.78 psi pressure drop because of the larger air-horn blocking the inlet.

The “501″ Montero MAF is typically found in Mitsubishi vehicles with a 4G64 engine:

ECLIPSE 00-02 (All trims)
ECLIPSE 03-05 exc. GTS
GALANT 99-03
MONTERO SPORT 99-03 3.0L (6 cyl)
SEBRING 01-05 (Coupe)
STRATUS 01-05 (Coupe)

The stock VR4 MAF was usaully a 165 or 618 or 609 (depending on the year and model codes) and is typically only good for about ~50lbs/min.  The pressure drop is ~.75 psi at 210 liters/second.

So what does this number actually mean?  Well They are the last three digits of the Mitsubishi part number for that particular MAF.  i.e.: MD183609, MR578399, MD336482, MD336501, etc.

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