My car has an immobilzer. Will the Clone2 work?

Absolutely!  It is important to note that the immobilizer function will be defeated with the Clone2 ECU as the Chrome Software does NOT provide support for the immobilizer.

It is also important to note that depending on the model year, important functions, like the fuel pump relay are on different pin posisitons.

Please provide in the ordering notes the Model Code (will look something like Zl6AMJGFR6) and the Chassis Number (will look something like JMBMNZ16APY000001), RHD or LHD, transmission, the model year, and weather or not you have an immobilizer.  This will ensure that you get the correct harness the FIRST time.

As a leader in the Clone ECU market, we have already provided a great deal of sales and support to the United Kingdom, France, and Australia providing solutions for both the LH and RH drive market.

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