I have a CAL spec car that I converted to FED spec. What emissions spec do I order?

You would order for what ever emissions specification the chassis ORIGINALLY was BEFORE the “conversion”.

In the customer notes, please indicate that the vehicle has been “converted” along with the conversion information.  If there are any additional questions, then I will contact you and ask you about the conversion.

For the Turbo cars, normally, the conversion from CAL to FED will only impact the 1.5G (Hybrid) cars from 1994-1995 as the primary O2 lines are swapped and the later cars as the O2 heater lines are in different pin positions.

For the NA cars, there are a lot of issues related to the O2 sensors from 1994 and up.

Converting a car from CAL (California) emissions to FED (Federal) emissions is illegal unless the car is for off road race use only.

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