How do I setup a MAF-T with the Clone2 ECU?

Setting up a MAF-T for a GM MAF in blow through or not, is really simple:

[notification type=”info”]Note: You do not need to connect the “White” translator wire to a tach signal, as you are not going to be using the RPM mode. [/notification]

  1. No matter what size MAF you have (3″ or 3.5″), you set the MAF-T for a 3″.  Set ALL the Mode Switches to “OFF”.
  2. Then you zero out all the adjustments.  Set the MAF Mode AUX, Idle, Mid, and WOT dials to “0”.
  3. Then you add 5% to the base MAP.  Set the MAF Mode Base dial to “1” which adds 5%.

That’s it.  Now you can start tuning your car in the ROM!

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