How do I re-download Chrome? Its been more than 7 days.

If you donated for Chrome 2.0 and you were provided a link to download Chrome v2.0 in an email, the email stated that the download expires in 7 days.  This is no longer the case.  The download period has been extended so that you can re-download Chrome v2.0.1 which corrected an active exhaust issue. 

Older emails that linked to will AUTOMATICALLY be forwarded and accepted right here on!


Get the Mitsubishi Factory ROM (It’s FREE!).  You will need to create an account.

In the order notes please provide the original paypal email that you used to donate for Chrome 2.0. 

After verification, I will provide you direct access to both Chrome v2.0 and Chrome v2.0.1 on your My Account screen.  You can then download Chrome v2.0 and Chrome v2.0.1 from there!

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