Can I donate $1 or even $.01?

Chrome v2.0, Chrome v2.0.1, and Chrome SL v1.0 are donationware and the donation is REQUIRED.

What this means is that you HAVE to donate SOMETHING in order to get Chromed.  This is not shareware, crippleware, or freeware.  Greg E (Monochrome) has spent THOUSANDS of hours of coding in order to provide you with a great ROM for our platform.  He deserves to get something for his time.

The donation amount is left up to the discretion of the user, based on individual perceptions of the software’s value.  In this case you trust that this ROM will run your car down the track with out self-destructing.  I would place the value easily around $50.00 USD, wouldn’t you?  A new motor costs more than that!

BUT if you donate a minimalistic amount, expect to get minimalistic support.

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